Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Style- Bralets

Spring is coming (or at least the shops are telling us it is) and once again the high street is awash with bold colour blocking and loud garish prints. I think it is their way of introducing the new season after all the subtle shades of winter have passed. It always seems to remind me why I enjoy winter shopping so much. However, one thing that did catch my eye was the amount of different takes on last seasons bralet. I really hope the festival season this year is blessed with a little more hot weather than we got last year as that would be a great opportunity to wear something like this. My favourite one is the checked bralet from Topshop's grunge collection, although I'm always a bit nervous about buying something like that as I'm not sure it would fit with much in the rest of my wardrobe. I think these would be great to wear over a plain dress, or with a pair of high waisted shorts or skirt.

From left to right, Soft Check Bralet- Topshop (£24), Daisy soft button front bralet- Topshop (£24), Denim soft bralet- Topshop (£24)

Oxblood satin bralet- Topshop (£22), Blonde & blonde bralet- Bank (£20), 

Swan cut out bralet- Topshop (£26), Underwire vintage style bralet- Urban Outfitters (£18), Fringe cropped bralet- Urban Outfitters (£20)


  1. Nice tops! I liked!

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  2. Love the first bralet on the second photo *___*

  3. I really want a topshop one, managed to get an urban outfitters one off ebay the other day for a fiver, obsessed with bralets at the moment.x