Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I have been incredibly grumpy the past couple of days probably something to do with lack of sleep, being ill and having a run of bad luck concluding with my washing machine breaking, which is my absolute nightmare. However when I really think about it I don't really have all that much to grumble about so I thought I would make a cheerful post of all the things that make me happy. I've probably missed a few off but all the big ones are here. I strongly suggest making one of these boards using magazines, photoshop, or whatever. It's a good way to realise what you have already and to get excited about things in the future. Or maybe if your really poor like me you could make one of all the thing that make you happy that are free, I know a large about of my things are. It certainly cheered me up. 

1. My boyfriend Jay
2. Picking new things for my flat
3. Snow
4. Watching black and white films
5. City sunsets
6. Hair extensions
7. My mac
8. Listening to girl music
9. Being with my family

10. Hanging out with friends
11. A cup of tea and a biscuit
12. New shoes
13. Going to festivals
14. Laatex ;)
15. Duvet days
16. Beach holidays
17. Creamy cocktails
18. Walks in the forest

19. Clubbing
20. Being in my flat
21. Travelling to new places
22. Eating out at Zizzi
23. Seeing my designs in the shops
24. Swimming
25. White chocolate
26. Shopping 
27. Watching my favourite programs

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