Thursday, 26 January 2012

Japanese Fashion

Once again I'm sorry for going so quiet with my blog. I've started a job this week so I've been majorly busy. We also still don't have internet at the flat so it's been difficult staying in touch with the online world at all! I started my new job as graphic designer doing repeat patterns for woven garments on Monday and so far I'm enjoying it. I love been busy all day and they've really been keeping me on my toes. My only problem is being so shy, I get so nervous around so many new people and the company I now work for is huge, there must be a 100 people on my floor alone. I got to have a flick through some Japanese fashion magazines and thought there were some really cool images so I thought I would share a few. They're not the best quality as I took them with my camera. I really like the alternative edge to Japanese fashion and it's really evident in these pictures.

There were so many pairs on creepers! I keep changing my mind as to whether I want some or not. They seem like a good alternative to docs but I don't like the fact they are shoes not boots.

Detachable collars

I'll try and keep my blog updated as much as I can. I'm looking forward to getting all my work finished for today and going out for dinner tonight before heading home to get packed for Vau Vau tomorrow.

If you're Leeds based or even a bit further away it's going to be worth travelling to.

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