Monday, 5 December 2011

Winter Wonderland #1

These images are from a shoot I did a couple of weeks back for Eustratia featuring winter style latex outfits from this season and last winter's collection. We shot the images in in a Toria's university studio and created a beautiful winter wonderland set made up of leaves and twigs we all collected, spray painted silver and dusted with fake spray snow and talcum powder. Needless to say we made a massive mess, which took a lot longer to clean up than it did to make! These are the first of the completed images from the shoot, taken on 35mm film.

Models Sapphire Black (me) and Biomechanina, taken by Toria Brightside.

I love the beautiful tones created by the film in these shots, they actually do feel quite wintery! I am still finding it strange to see myself with white hair. There is still a lot more images from this shoot to come.

Here's a peek at what the set actually looked like

I'm starting to feel a little more festive now and this weekend I managed to get 50% of my Christmas shopping done so I feel a little more relaxed.

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