Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bye bye Lilac

I finally decided to change my hair colour. Although I loved lilac hair I was getting a bit fed up of having high maintenance light coloured hair which was very patchy. I also decided that it was not worth the long term heath of my hair to bleach it again which I would of had to do to make it turquoise so I settled on a darker colour. Pictures below.

 Everything this dye touched turned pink, pink sink, pink tiles, pink bath, pink door, pink clothes


  1. Wow, looks great! Very vibrant! Can I ask what brand of dye you used? I've been getting blue in my hair (an electric navy blue) and have been going to the salon, but will be doing it at home this next time using the exact same color they use on me at the salon.

    The blue is very messy too; everytime I shower it looks like I murdered a smurf!

  2. Looks really good! And I guess it's gonna fade to lovely purple shade :) Next time, are you just going to bleach your roots or do you need to bleach all of it? It might be enough if you just bleach the roots, at least that works for me even though this color is kinda light and my natural color is a lot darker.

  3. I looove the new hair! it looks gorgeous on you.

  4. the new color is really beautiful! :] looks great on you! <3