Wednesday, 2 November 2011

TG Outfit

I went to pick up my pictures from Tesco yesterday and found that out of a film of 36 exposures there were only 5 images. I have no idea how or why this has happened but I'm trying to get to the bottom of it before I go and scream the place down in Tesco. The 5 that came out are really random parts of the night where we were getting ready that make no sense without the other pictures and there was non at all of my outfit. I'm not sure which is worse the idea that Tesco might have actually ruined the film and my pictures or the fact my camera might be broken.

I'm quite upset not to have any pictures of getting ready and the night afterwards as I love to have photographs to remember a night by. My friend however, managed to track down one photograph of me from the night taken by a photographer in the club.

I thought since I can't show you many pictures from the night I would share some of the preparations of what my make up and outfit were inspired by and maybe I'll take some more pictures of it another time. 

This is an illustration of the plan I did for my make up 

Some images of inspiration I used for my hair and make up 

Make up trial 

My outfit taken by Siberfi (my make up wasn't as perfect as my practic because I was already a bit drunk by this point of getting ready.)

One of me and Jay also taken by Siberfi


  1. Love it! Very Sylvia Ji. So sorry about your photos. I hope Tesco manage to rescue them x

  2. Hopefully you're able to get the whole mess fixed. :c Your makeup is absolute perfection though! xo