Thursday, 13 October 2011

What's in my bag

Since I have a lovely new bag and it has not yet become overfilled with crap. I thought this would be the perfect time for a 'What's in my bag' post so here it is.

1. My IPod- I couldn't leave the house without this, although I'm forever forgetting to charge it. I think I'm getting a bit bored of everything on my IPod recently and desperately need to update it with some new artists. I'm struggling at the moment to find the time to search for new music.

2. My camera- I recenetly purchased a spare battery for this so it is never out of charge. I have thousands of pictures on my computer. I love that I can take a picture of the sky whenever the moment takes me (you wouldn't believe how many picture of the sky I do actually have).

3. My leather Topshop purse- This was a Christmas present from my younger sister Gaby.

4. My external hard drive- I've only recently got over my fear of taking this out of the house for fear it might spontaneously combust (or actually just corrupt). This stores all my films, artwork and photographs. 

5. My car keys- It is attached to a Radley keyring which was a 21st present from my Mum's friend and I've stuck with it because it has a distinctive feel and so is easy to find in the depths of my bag.

6. My phone- It is a HTC Desire that is on it's last legs. I've had it since April 2010 and my contract doesn't end till April 2012 so I'm just putting up with it for now. I cracked the screen on Christmas day getting out of the car trying to carry too many things.

7. Chip & Pin- This is the chip and pin device that I got from my bank in order to do online transfers.

8. My house keys- Since my Mum has gone through too many upsetting burglaries our house is pretty difficult to get into and if no one was in the house I would actually need all those keys to get in. The keyring is a very old new rock one because so it is easy for me to tell my keys from anyone elses in the house.

9. Hair grips- I tend to have my hair in a messy up do which requires lots of spare pins.


  1. Cool... You got only usefull things in ur bag... :) I allways carry a lot of trash with me...

  2. Fab wee bag i always love these kind of posts but i think its because im rather nosey hehe x

  3. Love these posts cos I'm so nosey! I love your bag x