Sunday, 23 October 2011

Born Dead

Today me and Jay helped my sister Charlotte with her media project. She has to create her own magazine with different stories, a contents page and a front cover. The hardest part is that she has to create everything herself including all the pictures. So me and Jay agreed to model for the cover. 

Her magazine is going to be very alternative- a change she says from all the girls in her class creating indie magazines. So she wanted us to look really punk. Jay just wore a load of things he already generally wears (including his customized leather jacket and patched up jeans) and I spent a large amount of time sifting through my wardrobe trying to put an outfit together that looked punk and not goth. I eventually decided on a pair of ridiculously ripped jeans that I was about to throw away (but now I'm considering keeping), a knitted no:wear top from Camden, Jay's 'Born dead' t-shirt' tied into a cropped top, a leatherette bra, a patched up belt Jay made for me a few months back and an assortment of mine and Charlie's accessories. 

We did the shoot in Soph's bedroom after moving all the furniture around to create a free white wall. We were originally going to use my 35mm camera but unfortunately I messed up loading the film after watching another incorrect video on Youtube and ended up rewinding the loose end of the film back into the film case rendering it useless. It took us a while to get into it but in the end we got some really cool pictures, we also took a few outside against a brick wall. After the shoot Charlie went through and picked out all her favourites and I edited them for her. I really like the pictures, I think our personalities come across quite well. It ended up taking up all day but I think the results are worth it. If I was the teacher I'd give her a A for effort alone.