Monday, 12 September 2011

Alternatvie & Burlesque Fair

On Saturday I spent the day at Hersey & Heels Alternative & Burlesque fair I modeled some of Eustratia's beautiful designs and helped out flyering and on the stall. It was a really great afternoon, we spoke to lots of lovely people. There were tons of small alternative stalls selling interesting things.

Along with Eustratia there was Violaceous latex, Arcanum Accessories, Zhyon who were also selling beautiful latex things. I enjoyed catching up with people and prancing round in latex (as hot as it was). I also got a free Iron Fist bag on the way in which I think will be very useful now that my not so great republic bag has broken.

The only problem being surrounded by so much beautiful latex is that I can't decide what combination of items I want because I just want everything. If you haven't checked out some of Eustratia's latex you really should. The new site has just been launched and if you want some unique items in an ever growing industry here is the place to go

Me and Stacey at the Eustratia stall

 One of the Burlesque performers.
As Stacey's stall was on the balcony in the corner we had the best view for this.

 The Eustratia stall, there were so many comments on how pretty the stall looked.

Cameo hair clips, hair bows, flowers and cuffs

Bras, harnesses and knickers

Perspex necklaces

 Annabelle @ Violaceous Latex. Annabelle sells some exceptionally made wearable latex.

 Kally and her beautiful hats 


Rick was also there with some of his chain mail jewelry & accessories

I love this picture of Jay it's one of my favourite that I took

Some of my new Eustratia things, pink bow cuffs, cameo hair clip & bra

I also changed my layout a bit so that I can put up bigger pictures. I took these pictures with my new pentax film camera that I am still trying to learn to use.


  1. I love that bra! Those are difficult to find over here :/

  2. Thumbs all up for bigger photos :)

  3. You are such a babe! Miaww ;-*

    Late reply: Thank you, Doll, it's indeed very hard, but honestly, that green sparkly shit did most of the work for me so, great medicine! :-)