Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Vivienne Westwood Heart Belt

At work I am currently putting together the colour palette for Autum/Winer 12/13 (not as exciting as it sounds) so for the past few days me and Chez have been going on trips to Manchester and the Trafford Center. I couldn't help but notice, what I thought was the most gorgeous skirt in the Vivienne Westwood shop window. It turns out its actually a belt with the price tag of £195. I think I would prefer it if it was a bit of a darker check or maybe just black. Still a gorgeous item though, if a little out of my price range.


  1. Yeah it's so lovely but I think anybody wearing it would cruple it as long as she has to sit or bend down.

  2. It looks like it would be quite simple to make yourself! That way you could make it using whatever materials you want.. make a few! xx

  3. Actually I don't think it would crease up because it says on the website it said waspie/belt which suggests it has some structure to it.

    Yeah I could definitely make one. I just have an irrational fear of my sewing machine, for fear of things going wrong!