Thursday, 19 May 2011

Stephanie Burgess

This collection of images was taken by Stephanie Burgess for her final year photography project, as part of a set of portraits involving various alternative models. I originally thought the images were too unstyled but I do like the simplicity of them and they are very different from anything else in my portfolio. I don't know why but it makes me feel a bit nervous being involved in shoots where I can't pick my own clothes, I feel like a bit of my personality is taken away from the shoot. I was impressed with the end result all the same, perhaps more because I wasn't expecting to be. I had trouble picking which ones to post because there was so many good ones.

The Girl in the top photo with me is model Xiayah. I met her on the day of the shoot and she's a top girl!
I think the last one might be my favourite, I don't think I've used an image of my back before.


  1. I think the last photo is pretty too :) Your eyebrow shape is amazing!


  2. I'm loving the contrast between the simplicity of the clothing and the edgy styling! you both look like dolls, loving your hair!