Thursday, 31 March 2011


So last week I went to Amsterdam with my boyfriend and friends for a long weekend. It is an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and inspiring city. I loved the picturesque canals and the Renaissance architecture. I've been there before but never had the chance to explore but this time we managed to pack in a whole load of sight seeing and I felt like we saw everything.

We stayed in an apartment which was not only bigger than any flat I've ever walked into in Manchester but it was decked out with modern shabby chic and antique style furniture which seemed to be a big thing in Holland. There was interior shop after interior shop selling gorgeous designer furniture. Jay had to drag me away from buying cushions and lamps. The apartment was so nice and comfortable to stay in that we spent most evenings going out for dinner and then just chilling in the apartment.

Whilst we were there I collected loads of bits and pieces to share on my blog to show some of my highlights from Amsterdam.

We just happened to walk past this small looking shop along one of the canals and saw a glance of these beautiful paintings inside by SIT from the Noir collection. If I'd had 3000 Euros to spare I would have definitely bought one! Instead I'll have to get saving and hope to buy a print before they all go.

NOIR Nr.5 - 75 x 125 cm - Acrylic on canvas

NOIR Nr.6 - 80 x 100 cm - Acrylic on canvas

NOIR Nr.14 - 80 x 100 cm - Acrylic on canvas

NOIR Nr.17 - 70 x 100 cm - Acrylic on canvas

NOIR Nr.32 - 70 x 100 cm - Acrylic on paperboard

This vintage shop stocked a mixed of vintage and vintage inspired clothing. It looked like the clothing was designed and sewn in store, which was also interesting to see. They also had a wide variety of jewellery and accessories and leather handbags. There was so many things to try on i wasn't really sure where to start. I tried on a couple of playsuits that were really cute but not quite my style. One of them was baby blue which would have been cool, as it really suits my hair now it's pink. I ended up getting these pretty frilly bloomers in navy, not sure if or when am going to wear them though!

Luckily they also have a website which ships to the UK. However I've noticed there isn't quite as much as there is in store.

I love art galleries but rarely have the patience to go round and inspect every piece of work. This time was definitely different, there was so many famous and interesting pieces of art I didn't want to miss a thing. I certainly felt inspired to get started on my own canvas which I bought nearly three weeks ago intending to paint something for our flat. It is really interesting to see the vast ranges of painting styles which can be used to paint the same picture. I've always loved expressionism and have a Monet print in my bathroom, I find it amazing how close up it looks like random splashes of paint but further away it looks amazingly detailed. Here's some of my favourite pieces from the gallery.

 Vincent Van Gogh- Skull With Cigarette (1886)

Vincent Van Gogh- Almond Blossom (1890)

Vincent Van Gogh- Shoes (1886)

The Red Light District
Definitely my favourite part of Amsterdam was the red light district, we went there nearly every day and continued to find new passageways we hadn't seen. At night the streets were light up with colourful neon lights and girls in glass boxes lined the road. It is a strange and surreal sight but certainly worth seeing!

Unfortunately since I've got back from Amsterdam the sale of my flat has fallen through which is very disappointing as it was my dream home and I had really come to set my heart on it. So I'm just getting used to the idea that I'm going to have to start searching all over again to find us a home. On a brighter note I will be travelling down to London the weekend after next to model at TG for Eustratia a new and innovative latex label and from what I've heard so far it's going to be a spectacular show!

Amber x

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  1. JUST chilling?! Surely you two could have thought of something more fun to do than just that...

    I don't know much about fashion and stuff, as is plainly obvious to everyone with eyes and a brain, so aspects of this blog are lost on me. But I know what I likes, and I do like the zebra head avec sexy lady legs. If I could make a hybrid creature, it would be that.